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Honey Grilled Greek Salad

There are salads that you eat because you are trying to get more greens in your body that don’t particularly leave any big impressions on to your taste buds and then there are salads that rock your world and you absolutely can’t wait to eat them again. This is one of those blow your mind, leave your taste buds drooling for more kind of salad.

Introducing the Honey Grilled Greek Salad.

Multi layered textures and flavours truly make this dish a winner

So quick to make yet unbelievably flavoursome, I promise you when you make this good old classic with a new twist once, you’ll be hooked for life.

When you grill feta, it changes its texture and becomes deliciously gooey and grilled tomatoes become beautifully soft and juicy. When you add them on top of fresh crunchy cucumbers, red onions and salty Kalamata olives you are in for a winning combination of layered textures and flavours that are sure to impress anyone who is lucky enough to share this dish with you.

Enough talking now let’s get cooking!

Firstly, turn on your grill and half your cherry tomatoes (I personally love sugar drops or piccolo tomatoes because of their sweet flavour).

Then you want to place 200g Block of Feta on a baking tray and surround your feta with the halved cherry tomatoes. Now drizzle your tomatoes and feta with 1Tbsp of Extra Virgin olive oil followed by drizzling 1 Tbsp of Honey on top of feta covering the feta completely and another 1 Tbsp of honey drizzled across your cherry tomatoes. Next sprinkle ½ Tsp of Oregano across the feta and tomatoes and finish of by sprinkling a bit of Himalayan salt over tomatoes and add touch of freshly ground pepper all over your dish.

Pop your dish under the grill for 12mins.

Honey really takes these tomatoes and feta to a next level

While your feta and Tomatoes are beautifully grilling away you want to prepare the rest.

So chop up 1 large cucumber, half 80g of Kalamata Olives and chop ½ of small red onion lengthways into long strips. Combine them all together in a bowl and add 1Tps of Extra virgin olive oil, tiny bit of Himalayan salt and bit of freshly ground Pepper. Mix them all together.

Crunchy & Fresh Salad is the most perfect companion to soft and warm Feta

After 12 minutes under the grill your feta should look golden and your tomatoes be ready.

Divide the salad onto two plates, half the feta and lift the feta on top of the salad, add the cherry tomatoes on top. Use the liquid in your baking dray as your dressing and dress both your salads with this. Enjoy

You know your feta its ready when it's beautifully golden and your cherry tomatoes are bursting with juiciness

All this deliciousness ready from start to finish in 15mins.

Did you try out this recipe, if so I’d love to know how yours turned out?

Did it rock your world as it did mine? Tag me @lustfullyvegetarian or use #lustfullyvegetarian and I would love to see your version of it.

Until next time

Sirle xox

I could really eat this dish every day...That's how much I love it. I literally can't wait to have it again!

The Recipe:

Honey Grilled Greek Salad

Serves 2

(prep 3mins, cook 12mins)

220g Cherry tomatoes

200g Block of Feta

1 Tbsp + 1 Tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Honey

½ Tsp Oregano

1 Large Cucumber

80g Pitted Kalamata olives

½ small red onion

Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

1. Pre heat the grill

2. Half your cherry tomatoes

3. Place your 200g block of feta into an oven dish and surround your feta with halved cherry tomatoes

4. Drizzle 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil across your cherry tomatoes and feta

5. Drizzle first 1Tbsp of honey across your feta, completely covering it with honey, then Drizzle another 1Tbsp of honey across your Cherry tomatoes

6. Pop the dish under the grill for 12mins

7. Half the Cucumber and the chop it, Half the Kalamata olive and chop ½ of small red onion length ways onto long strips. Combine them all together in a blow and add 1Tsp extra virgin olive oil, pinch of pink Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper, mix it all together

8. Divide the salad onto to two plates and top it with feta and cherry tomatoes

9. Add the juice from the baking dish as a dressing on top of the salad.


· The “juice/dressing” in the baking bowl is very delicious and really just tops the salad so make sure you don’t waste it

· When feta is looking nice and golden you know it is ready

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