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Sirle Von Schihver

Sirle Von Schihver

Blogger, Chef, Photographer

Thank You for reading my blog


My name is Sirle and my mission is to excite your taste buds

and open the door to delicious vegetarian, vegan & plant-based foods and to a kinder way of living.


Bland does not exist in my vocabulary, and neither in my kitchen.

I love my food as I love my life, personal, exciting and full of flavours, filled with layers, discovering that bliss point between sweet & salty.


Food has always been my passion/obsession. For years I battled with an eating disorder and different health issues that made me dwell deep into calories and nutritional values. During that time, I refused to put anything tasteless in my body as I saw it as calories being wasted (unless I was out in public and had to appear normal lol). 

My obsession with it all, the need to find control and the desperate attempt to cover up my inner madness forced me to polish up my skills in the kitchen. As the saying goes “we over compensate our deepest insecurities”. I was definitely the poster girl for that. Never in million years did I think I would be able to have a healthy care free relationship with food ever again…

Luckily time is the greatest of healers…. Fast forward many years and tonnes of deep inner work and you’ll find a woman who eats what she feels like and works with food as a freelance cook. If you have stayed with the famous Arrigo Programme there is a good chance you have had your menu & food tailor made by me.


When you don’t find me in the kitchen, you’ll find me behind the camera or exploring and enjoying life’s adventures.


So join me on this culinary journey and I will share with you my favourite recipes, stories, places & people who have influenced and inspired me.


Sirle xox

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